Yeah, but can he write?

Blake has been a lifelong creative, making excuses to write and honing his craft throughout his life.
Consider the following timeline

In 1980 a 2nd grade Meisenheimer scored in the 98th percentile nationally in vocabulary on a standardized test. His response was a shoulder shrug and one simple query; What does vocabulary mean?

in 1992, Blake took his talents to Cedar Falls where he was employed on the staff of his college paper The Northern Iowan, tackling topics others simply found too controversial.  From “Is NASCAR a sport?” to Little League baseball. (No and For)

Following college, Blake invented blogging, distributing his opinionated sports rants via email and ultimately building his own web distribution system.  Long before anyone had heard the term blog,  his Mizeguys site was churning out weekly newsletters, finishing with over 300 columns of original content.

In 1998 he accepted the position of Website Coordinator at ING Advisor’s Network, pivoting from a role on the trade desk.  At ING Blake built and managed the intranet and websites for the firm, driving content in support of independent Financial Advisors.

In 2005 Blake accepted the role of Web Marketing Manager for First American Funds and FAF Advisors.  Here he led an overhaul and redesign of the firm’s web presence as well as serving as the content lead for three sites.

In 2005 Blake was one of over 1,000 aspiring writers who entered a baseball writing contest for his local newspaper (ask your dad about those).  Via a bracketed tournament, he earned the title of first runner-up despite being two years into a self-imposed boycott of the sport.  As you know, first runner up is an important role, if for any reason the champion cannot fulfill upon his duties they would fall to Blake.  He is rested and ready, so look sharp Steve Rudolph.

In 2008 Blake joined Wells Fargo Wealth Management were he served most recently as the Head of Sales Development & Execution. In that role he was tasked with leading all marketing and publications efforts for the Wealth Planning Center.  This included publications strategy as well as writing and editing white papers, client materials, podcast and video scripts.  Despite his title, no executions were necessary during his tenure at Wells Fargo.

In 2015 Blake launched Zeal Creative with a simple goal.  To connect small business to their clients via the written word.  In the process he hopes to rid the world of tone deaf corporatists who hijack innocent Facebook feeds with yawn-inducing drivel.  He’d love for you to join him in this quest.

View his portfolio here.

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