Goldfish from Missouri

Make me think or make me laugh—but make it quick!

There are three things to consider as you build a content strategy…

1. The average goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds… the average human’s is eight.
2.  John Q Public is not only afflicted with A.D.D. but also on guard with a highly-honed ability to suss out a product push.   BS
3. Your clients and prospects have one key question– “What’s in it for me?” and the internet is Missouri.
show me

How will you respond?

With Content Worth Sharing.  Timely, custom, engaging and relevant content for your site can hold their attention span, hack their BS detector and enhance their lives.  But how?

  • Was your last writing assignment a Catcher in the Rye book report?
  • Got a C- didn’t you?
  • Got ideas but no time to write?  A whole bunch of neither?

Enter Blake Meisenheimer of Zeal Creative– ghostwriter, content maven, client-whispering visionary.  He writes custom content at your direction, adapted for your exact audience, delivered regularly.  Driving page views, referrals and most importantly — engagement.  How can he be so sure?  He’s already doing it for others